Why should I use the services of a professional 

Interior Designer?

Aside from building or purchasing your home, furnishing it can be the most significant expense you will ever confront. A professional Interior Designer specializes in managing the often overwhelming process of planning your home's interior to suit your lifestyle and personality.  He or she will help you​ avoid needless spending and protect you from painful "do-it-yourself" mistakes.  Most of us wouldn't dream of​ contracting our own house or even replacing the roof, repairing the plumbing or rewiring.  Like me, you may have attempted such an undertaking once and learned the hard way that it is best left to a professional who possesses the required credentials and expertise.  When it comes to our home's interior, however, many of us with little concept of what is available or how to locate it, attempt to imitate a photo from a shelter magazine (which was published without​ the reality of a price tag).  I often equate this with throwing your hard earned money in the air and hoping it will somehow fall into place.  I advise my clients to do the job right the first time, even if that means they must budget the project over an extended period.  There is no value in settling for less, only to go back and replace it.  Together we set what I call a Design Strategy.  This serves as a road map for the entire project,​ eliminating costly floundering and disastrous guess work.

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